Products & Services

What to expect from Advanced Yield

  • Advice on making input decisions to improve your yield

  • Choosing the right nitrogen levels along with seeding rates

  • When and how much fertilizer to apply

  • Help with making variable rate prescriptions (when applicable)

  • What foliar products could help your crop reach full potential

  • Fungicide product recommendations and timings

  • Teach you the secrets of feeding a crop thru out the year

  • Sharing results of product testing done on Advanced Yields personal acres

  • Help with choosing and understanding Ag Technology

  • Help balancing your soils 

  • One on One Visits at your farm

  • Unlimited availability via phone or email

  • Personalized program tailored made for your operation


What is expected from You 

  • Current farm practices and APH 

  • Current fertility program and rates

  • Latest soil sample results and past yield results

  • Yield goal

  • What Ag technology your currently utilizing

  • Open mind and a willingness to learn and try new things

  • $3,200.00 due at signing for Growers with 0-3,000 acres

  • $5,200.00 due at signing for Growers with 3,001-6,000 acres

  • $7,200.00 due at signing for Growers with 6,001-10,000acres

  • $10,200.00 due at signing for Growers with 10,000+ acres

  • One year obligation